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It can be challenging to overcome substance use disorder, however, seeking treatment is a vital step that takes courage. Structured sober living provides a safe environment where individuals are given the time and space they need to turn their lives around and learn to live life sober. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug and alcohol abuse and cannot seem to stop, call New Life House to learn more about our structured sober living program in Los Angeles. At Skywood, we are deeply invested in helping you regain your health. Our programming approach to recovery is designed with that in mind, from individual and group therapy to adventure therapy, art therapy and yoga.

Young adults think in the short term which can make it difficult to picture a life going forward that does not include drinking alcohol and using drugs. When young substance abusers are surrounded by peers who are facing the same challenges and have similar recovery goals, it makes it easier for everyone to make progress. The young men who reside in a sober living home are able to identify with each other as equals. They often share similar life experiences, family situations, and ways of perceiving the world.

How Do Sober Living Houses Work Day-to-Day?

«Everybody has their own journey and I’m not interested in telling other people what to do, but I know that this was a decision that I’ve never regretted,» she said. She shared an image of a tri-plate Alcoholics Anonymous medallion to commemorate her work in recovery. Macpherson, aka «The Body,» recalled finally understanding how alcohol was blocking her from realizing her full potential. Athenna Crosby told Fox News Digital that «Friends» star was «acting normal» when she met him for lunch the day before his death. Before Canal on Baseline was built, it was the home to a Western-themed dinner-and-entertainment business called Rockin’ R Ranch. After 35 years, the owners called it quits and sold the land to the developer Pacific Rim Group in 2019.

Different SLEs have different house rules designed to help residents remain sober. Rather than establish a set of rules and expect residents to follow them, we have built a system that teaches residents why certain processes are in place. As well, we explain why each of them is so important for long-term mental health, recovery success, and different aspects of life. Next, there are a number of sober livings that claim to be “structured sober livings”, where there is some light house scheduling, potentially a weekly house meeting, and some general guidelines that residents are required to follow.

Partnered Services

The New Life House model involves the family and helps our residents develop lifelong relationships. They can learn skills that allow them to be successful long after they have left our doors. After six months of continuous sobriety, Santa Barbara New House gives clients the option of transitioning to the Grad House. The Grad house offers single-person rooms with the continued accountability of a Sober Living Environment. This helps clients transition seamlessly as they progress back to independent living. Just because New Life is a sober living home doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel like, well, home.

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